Artificial intelligence in risk management

Artificial intelligence in risk management

Client risk rating is still crucial in banking and financial services. You will increase the accuracy and speed of its calculation with artificial intelligence.

What is the optimum way to verify loan applicants and customer credibility? And how to do it all without a negative impact on portfolio quality? With artificial intelligence from Adastra, or Blindspot Solutions, you will use more data and ill work more effectively.

Determination of client risk rating is an important factor in services, whether credit scoring or fraud detection. We have enriched our current data mining techniques with new artificial intelligence procedures. We are able to incorporate new data and algorithms in the scoring. With us, you will know more about your clients/applicants and will do so earlier.

Fraud detection

With artificial intelligence you will be able to predict customer behaviour. It will give you a heads-up when there is a customer you should pay attention to. Although the customer does not show any anomalies yet (they pay, communicate), we can find signals in their behaviour suggesting that the situation may change – e.g. delayed payments or balance often falling into AN unauthorized overdraft.

Take advantage of the potential of artificial intelligence which investigates and compares millions of data and searches for identical signs preceding the fraud as such.

Money laundering detection

Let artificial intelligence learn from real-life examples. Algorithms take into account hundreds of indications. comparing them with past cases and searching for identical signs to reveal suspicious transactions and accounts with a high degree of accuracy. The money laundering system also evolves continuously and artificial intelligence therefore adjusts the rules for detecting suspicious behaviour. Make sure your rules for revealing fraud and money laundering evolve in step with offenders’ practices.

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