Application Performance Management (APM)

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With application performance management, you no longer need to contend with endless discussions between server and database administrators, developers, and vendors about who is responsible for performance issues. Show everyone clearly where the problem is. Adastra can offer the perfect solution from Dynatrace for this.

For all kinds of applications, user experience is the only truly key metric for monitoring. Indeed, slow application load, partial or even total unavailability can have very serious consequences such as lost profits from the trading platform, damage to reputation or reduced productivity of employees.

Without the ability to validate user experience with APM, you and IT can only guess what the real situation is by analyzing servers, network, logs and other fragmented assets.

Start with APM to determine if a problem affects a user and identify the problem area. Only then a detailed look at the metrics measured within this area can be taken. This allows APM to save a lot of time and resources that would otherwise be spent on a lengthy search for the problem, its cause and solution.

With APM, IT can dramatically ease your work by getting all your data right away. They can fix the problem in 10 minutes instead of a week.

40 %

Developers spend an average of 40% of their time analyzing and simulating problems instead of devoting time to creating innovative software solutions.

Dynatrace APM

Dynatrace APM covers modern IT services and applications in general – from user equipment to databases. This is possible thanks to a unique combination of agent, agentless and synthetic approaches to application monitoring.


APM diagram

To have response metrics for both real and synthetic (simulated) users available for a complete overview and you never need to wonder whether the service is running or not or how quickly it is responding.

Track patent transactions through complex, multi-purpose applications with patented technologies. Dynatrace always tracks 100% of user transactions – no estimates, statistical correlations or tracking only some clicks. You can divide the overall response into individual application layers and you can clearly tell how much time is spent on the client (browser), network and server. The next step is to look at the application level, up to the level of a particular line of code.

Previously, APM tools were only for the IT operations team. However, collaboration between operations, testing and development departments can greatly accelerate the speed of error detection and resolution through modern APM. An operation specialist can pass the exact application error detail from Dynatrace APM directly to the developer. With the ability to identify the cause down to the line of code with just a few clicks, he or she can detect the problem without having to replicate or simulate the transaction.

For example, if users complain about slow response from a web application, IT can spend days or even weeks analyzing server responses to eventually find out an under-optimized javascript code. With a complete overview of APM, the operations department can detect the issue within minutes.

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We recently optimized a database problem that would take us an estimated one week without Dynatrace. It would have taken time to simulate the problem, analyze the logs, escalate and discuss various possible causes. Dynatrace APM identified the issue in 10 minutes. The vendor was impressed and we fixed the issue right away.

Petr Venera, Portal Operations (IT), O2 Czech Republic

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