The energy supply market is changing significantly.

Get ready for it with us.

There is a trend that turns commodity suppliers into providers of comprehensive solutions and innovative services. Today, customers are more interested in ecology and ways to optimize their energy performance. Digitalize your company.


Private, Public, Hybrid, or Multi-Cloud!

Most organizations are gradually moving all their business-critical data and applications to the cloud. Adastra’s Cloud experts will help you define your Cloud Strategy, choose the right Cloud providers, migrate your existing systems, and build net new Cloud-native solutions.  Leverage Adastra’s thought leadership and expertise to accelerate your Cloud-enabled digital transformation.

Advanced data analytics

Have you thought which data is really useful to you?

We will help you to deploy solutions that will provide you with more information about people, homes, and organizations - from sensors, smart devices, registers and more. It will enable you to target sales materials at customers and manage maintenance and production more effectively.

Customer service

Which customers are most valuable to you?

With our digital solutions, you will learn more about them, offer them products and services according to their needs and start communicating with them right. It will help you to estimate their value.


Is reporting based on historical data not enough? Do you also need reliable estimates of future consumption?

With our reporting and other analytical methods, we can estimate future inventory requirements as well as the necessary distribution of employees and other resources throughout your stores. We will also take into account seasonal needs and fluctuations in consumption related, for example, to the weather.

Technological solutions

We will help you utilize the best modern technologies fully.

Our solutions are built on using the latest technologies from all around the world. We just need to find the right way how to use them. We will consult your problems, design solutions, and take care of the smooth implementation, including project management.

The power of a good idea

Looking for a partner who understands creativity as well as you do your business?

The energy market is responding quickly to the changing trends in our behavior. The creative agency Proboston takes advantage of the latest technological trends and moods in the society and reaches customers where you can be really heard.