Voice and Chat Bots

Increase Efficiency of Your Customer Service

Reduce personnel costs for customer support; up to 50% of questions can be answered by a well-trained bot.

Firms invest considerable sums in training customer service employees and internal support staff. In roughly half of cases, however, they deal with the same or similar questions, and so cannot address new demands or more complex solutions to client needs. You can now solve routine queries more efficiently.

Don’t deal with the routine; devote your time to development

Thanks to voice and chat bots, reduce your operators’ workload and, instead, increase the number of requests handled and the overall satisfaction delivered by your customer support line. As opposed to traditional customer support, this service is available 24/7 and common issues can be solved easily, with no waiting times, and at weekends. In addition, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the system gradually improves itself; as the number of queries grows, so its ability to answer them expands, too. And more complex demands? An experienced operator will always be available to speak to those clients. 

70 %

According to Gartner, companies that have introduced chat bots report a 70% reduction in support requests.

Not convinced yet? Start internally

The internal use of bots is, perhaps, even more interesting. Sale agents and the entire sales network use industry jargon, which supports self-learning mechanisms, increases the accuracy of virtual assistent, and thus also significantly improves the effectiveness of the service as a whole. Gain further details about company news and individual products for your colleagues and partners, and thereby increase your sales.  

A well-trained chat bot or virtual assistant will become a new platform for your marketing and sales channels. 

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Tomáš Synek