Predictive Reporting

Predictive Reporting

Utilise management by expectation and address solutions, rather than analysis and the preparation of reports.

The goal of management of every company is always to keep up-to-date on the situation in their company. This requires a variety of information from various sources – economics, infrastructure, business, warehouse, marketing – that is reliable, and therefore used by a number of departments. 

Don't wait for the event to happen, and then accidentally find out about it in data. 

Predictive reporting records a change in trends in time and predicts how long it will be before the situation occurs. 

Whether it’s the prediction of mobile phone inventory in different locations according to current sales trends or the warehouse management of technology and spare parts based on network traffic and load, a situation must be addressed in a timely manner and not "after the event". Predictive reporting shows, in a timely manner, which problem will need to be addressed, how to re-set resources, and what to order. 

Adastra uses advanced analytical methods and predictive reporting to set up optimal business management processes using intuitive self care BI. 

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Denisa Pálková


Denisa Pálková