Digital onboarding

Digital onboarding

Let your clients open an account and handle their needs online without waiting or downtime.

Don’t force your clients to visit a branch when they want to get new service. Digital onboarding will help you make several tasks easier when you're drawing up new contracts or making changes to actual products. It will also increase the effectiveness of your sales and the possibility of cross- or upselling your products.

Save your clients’ time

A mobile app for digital onboarding will allow you to enter into a contractual relationship with the client without the necessity of personal contact. You will be able to deal with any requirements connected to the verification of his or her identity. The client will simply download the mobile app to his or her device and intuitively choose the required service. 

You can easily and quickly verify the client´s identity using FaceID, an identity card, or a fingerprint.  Then the application will automatically pre-fill his or her personal data into an interactive form. Integrated OCR software allows documents to be scanned and uploaded effortlessly. Thanks to connections to other external data sources, e.g. various registers, the system will immediately verify the new client´s ability to enter into legal acts, etc.

Instead of spending a long time waiting and handling the matter at a branch, you’ll be able to deal with the client´s needs within just few minutes. At the same time, you’ll get other data and a communication channel you can use for additional marketing needs.

5 min

Handling a client’s request via the onboarding app takes 5 minutes on average. (Source: Zenoo)

Get a pilot solution within 10 weeks

We’ll prepare an initial analysis within 4 weeks and within 10 weeks we’ll implement a tailor-made pilot solution just for you.

Our onboarding mobile app is used by millions of end users. Using this app, firms have increased their sales effectiveness three fold. Contact us to get other real-life results.


A firm using our mobile onboarding app has increased its closing percentage 3x.

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