We digitalize telecoms

As IoT and Artificial Intelligence enter the world of telecommunications, a whole host of opportunities are opening up. Let us help you take advantage and monetize your data.

In telecoms, better infrastructure, higher connection speeds, and greater data capacities are both necessary and expensive. However, operators cannot raise prices, as they are limited by demand, competition, and legislation. So, other income streams can be developed in the form of comprehensive services for smart homes, in retail, data management, monetizing customer data, and smart solutions for businesses and government bodies.


Private, Public, Hybrid, or Multi-Cloud!

Most organizations are gradually moving all their business-critical data and applications to the cloud. Adastra’s Cloud experts will help you define your Cloud Strategy, choose the right Cloud providers, migrate your existing systems, and build net new Cloud-native solutions.  Leverage Adastra’s thought leadership and expertise to accelerate your Cloud-enabled digital transformation.

Customer value management

How do you retain your customers and expand the range of services they use?

Offer personalized products, services, and prices, taking into account individual needs, for example with regard to roaming or data. Quickly put together proposals that are too good to resist and that come at precisely the right moment. With our help, this is exactly how you will start to communicate with your customers.


Have you realized you cannot do without digital processes and want to begin, for example, with digital onboarding for customers?

Stay innovative and take advantage of all the opportunities offered by today’s digital world.  Make it easier for customers to communicate with operators, optimize and streamline network operations and telecoms equipment maintenance, and focus on preventing rather than solving outages and malfunctions.  

Technological solutions

We will help you utilize the best modern technologies fully.

Our solutions are built on using the latest technologies from all around the world. We just need to find the right way how to use them. We will consult your problems, design solutions, and take care of the smooth implementation, including project management.