A Virtual Showroom Accelerates Your Business

A virtual showroom connects the point of sale in the traditional sense with a personal approach and a less formal atmosphere. You can go digital in offering your products and services and the customer will visit you from the comfort of their home or office, from anywhere in the world from their computer.

Digitization permeates all areas of business and changes the behavior of customers, who are largely moving into the online and digital environment.  To engage the customer thus means to approach them and offer them a unique interactive shopping or service experience.  The real environment blends with a unique customer experience in the virtual showroom. Invite your customers to an environment out of the ordinary and offer them goods and services from the comfort of their home or office and add an original experience thanks to a completely new dimension of virtual reality.

What does the virtual showroom offer?

  • An online environment where you can present and sell just like in a brick-and-mortar store. The customer or client can connect anytime and from anywhere.
  • Personal interaction remains, reality is faithfully transmitted to the virtual form.
  • A sales channel bringing the opportunity to minimize costs in the sales and branch network.

A wide range of application options

  • Introduction of new products and services
  • An original sales channel
  • Press & PR conferences
  • Online events, conferences, webinars
  • Presentation to clients, customers, partners in a creative online environment
  • Trade fairs, exhibitions
  • Business negotiations

Advantages of the solution

Thanks to virtual reality, we can develop any creative solution according to your preferences and wishes and create personalized content. Interactive communication with the customer in real time is fully maintained - answer questions, respond to suggestions. Connect from anywhere in the world without having to travel anywhere - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The customer simply connects from their computer without having to install anything or purchase any special equipment. A variable and comprehensive solution - one virtual showroom can also serve as a branch, a training center, a call center or a conference room for meetings and presentations.

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