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Have you ever come across chatbot?
In an era of virtual customer service it is expected that customer support is available 24/7.

Customers are unwilling to wait for an operator or an e-mail response when they need assistance. They want to get an answer right away. It is time for your business to deploy chatbot supported by artificial intelligence as a progressive way to cut cost and get a professional competitive edge. How to do it?

Chatbot is a computer program that simulates dialog with real people thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning. It can be functional or entertaining. It can be created for the purpose of answering questions and conducting a specific action such as offering password renewal, helping to select a product, etc.

Chatbot is a comfortable and interactive way to connect with customers online and to provide them with a similar experience they would have conversing with a live operator at any time during the day. Moreover, chatbot answers questions consistently and is always pleasant. It can significantly expand your brand’s reach and customer support. It is available non-stop, which improves your online presence and enables direct interaction with customers in all communication channels.

60 %

of consumers are interested in a personalized shopping experience with real-time offers. (Source: Accenture)

Chatbot platform

As a primary framework we suggest Microsoft Bot Framework and Bot Builder SDK with a wide range of applications mainly for business implementation.

The solution has the following benefits:

  • A relatively open platform, chatbot built in C# and Node.js (good connectivity, easy to form).
  • The platform supports global languages through LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service). Languages not supported by LUIS (Slovak and Czech) may be used with translation.
  • Supports controlled dialog and knowledge base
  • Persists in communication context.
  • May be integrated in main communication channels.
  • Deployment on-premise/Azure.

Machine learning (NLP, Natural-language Processing)

Machine learning improves translations and supports chatbot self-learning, which enables:

  • User sentiment analysis.
  • Name and entity detection.
  • Understanding of user intention.
  • OCR on various documents, ID, etc.
  • Nationality recognition.
  • Smalltalk.
  • Various chatbot characters.


Microsoft Translator API is used to process questions in Slovak.

Sme záruka, že chatbot bude rozumieť vašim zákazníkom. Kontaktujte nás ešte dnes.


Personalized micro campaigns are 8 to 16 times more effective than standard offers.


Competitive edge thanks to chatbot integration


Thanks to semantic technologies and natural language processing (NLP) chatbot helps customers to find information they are searching for faster.

Self service

No doubt, today’s customers are used to self service. If the self-service support is well designed, the number of incoming calls and e-mails per human agent will decrease and the overall customer experience will improve. Customers can complete simple transactions such as password resetting, flight ticket reservation or holiday offer by themselves.

Support on multiple platforms

Call centers have limited number of agents who can use a limited number of tools at a time. A well designed chatbot can help several customers on multiple platforms, it is able to sort and successfully service a customer or pass the customer to the next available operator.

85 %

“By 2020, 85 % of all customer interactions will be processed by devices* and an effective virtual assistant will be the first thing that will differentiate businesses from competitors**.”

* Gartner Summits. “Gartner Customer 360 Summit: CRM Strategies and Technologies to Understand, Grow and Manage Customer Experiences.” Gartner, Inc. 2011. ** Walker Information, Inc. “Customers 2020: The Future of B-to-B Customer Experience.” 2016.


Basic chatbot versions



  • Used for specific tasks such as ordering services and parcel monitoring services.
  • Modeling of dialog flows.
  • Enables to input dialog flow controls (select 1 of n).


  • Exists based on knowledge database in the form of questions and answers.
  • Answers questions included in the database (they can change dynamically).


  • Enables business analysis of FAQs with IT, HR and other related departments.
  • Provides answers from the knowledge base.


  • Supplies business and AI analysis of historic dialogs.
  • Provides answers from the knowledge base.
  • Generates potential customers.

You can choose the option that chatbot will authenticate or identify users. 

Chatbot is worth an investment

Chatbot development is an exciting journey for numerous businesses focused on new technology applications, customer service enhancement and gaining significant competitive edge.

Adastra and Blindspot.ai believe that chatbot should develop with your customer and business needs. We have extensive experience with AI, natural language processing, integration of various business systems and interactive interface design.

We guarantee that chatbot will understand your customers. Contact us today for more info.


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