01. 07. 2021

The Data Warehouse Isn't Dead

Watch a session about Data warehouse, which plays key role in modern information management landscapes despite rapidly changing technology ecosystems.

Traditional data warehouses are essential components of information management ecosystems for couple of decades. With rise of big data technologies, intense cloudification and adoption of new approaches data warehouses evolved into robust ecosystems covering not only traditional reporting requirements but also new ones like data exploration, data science, advanced analytics etc. New trends in data management with high utilization of metadata require new approaches like ETL generation with multi-platform capabilities. Massive cloudification bring us to purely new data warehousing architectures or architectures with hybrid landscapes. Despite all these phenomenon traditional data warehousing techniques like data historization, subject oriented data modelling, precise data mappings serving mainly for data lineage have still their place.     

Topics covered:  

  • Next generation DWH architecture, coexistence with big data lake   
  • Data management cloudification   
  • ETL automation (Adele 2.0) – short demo 

Speaker: Lubomir Maslik, Division Director, Adastra 


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Ľubomír Maslík

Division director

Ľubomír Maslík