21. 07. 2021

What we do makes ever more sense

The trajectory set by changing customer behaviour even on squeezed budgets confirms that life without data is de facto no longer a reality.
What we are experiencing at Adastra is organic growth in almost all areas of our business, in the provision of data management services and solutions that contribute to the digitalization of businesses. We have seen growth across the board:

  • in number of customers,
  • in number of new solutions and competences,
  • in sales,
  • in regional coverage,
  • in the number of new Adastrans.

There are two sides to every coin, and last year the consequences of the shortage of experts were fully felt. Fortunately, the value produced by our services and solutions, as well as the vision of the company, allow us to attract new talent to a greater extent than in companies that have lagged behind in development and innovation. Anyway, the trend set last year has its continuation. I would argue that a strong hiring and onboarding process and the importance of the HR department with a focus on employee branding are some of the most important functions. That is why it is a top management position at Adastra.

And what gave me the most joy last year?

  • Cloudification is finally no longer just in the plane of experiments or on paper, but has been launched and will only add in speed.
  • Increasingly we are getting not just projects, but are forming strategic partnerships (both local and global).
  • We also ventured our first attempts into the digitalisation of the state which the world working primarily for the commercial sphere considered unachievable with our set of values.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all Adastra supporters and all Adastrans, and I look forward to hearing more of the shared stories that life with data is already drawing for us.

Márius Maslo

Márius Maslo

CEO Adastra Slovakia

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How have our results affected life in Adastra?

The very good project and business results we have achieved in the recent period have enabled us to support the further development of our company even more significantly.

We are currently working on several training and certification programs focused on cloud, but also on core banking systems. We are investing in partnership programmes with important market players. And, of course, we are very supportive of expanding Adastra's capacity. These hiring activities are coupled with intensive onboarding and training of successful candidates. Our employees can actively enjoy a number of benefits, with which they can play sports, relax and recharge their batteries.

We believe that all these activities will contribute to building an even stronger team and enhance Adastra's ability to satisfy its customers.

Branislav Dugas

Branislav Dugas

Division director

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Well, what lies ahead in the coming months and years?

Certainly a lot of work in our core business -working with data, warehousing and business intelligence. Participation in major transformation programmes, which we as a firm already easily dare to do. But also adapting our core competencies to the cloud world, commoditizing our existing solutions, e.g.Next Best Action, or standardized data privacy solutions. And last but not least, new projects with existing customers as well as new ones, whether in Slovakia, Austria, the Balkans or Poland. And as today's era has brought much wider opportunities for remote working, we are also looking at new markets and who knows... the next big transformation and data-migration project may be waiting for us in Dubai.

Ľuboslav Gabaľ

Ľuboslav Gabaľ

Business development director-international

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