07. 01. 2020

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Adastra delivers creative solutions powered by Data and AI

As a full-service creative agency, Proboston offers UX/UI, digital strategy, in-house development, creative, interactive experience and AR/VR services. As a one-stop-shop, we develop solutions from the point of conceptualization to production to marketing strategy and delivery. Just come to us with your business objective and let us do the rest.

In collaboration with Adastra’s award-winning know-how, Proboston effectively delivers creative solutions, powered by Data and AI. Our unique fusion of the creative and high-tech worlds allows us to produce advanced, custom-designed and trackable solutions.

Proboston specializes in state-of-the-art UX/UI, providing clients with comprehensive tools and dashboards that increase ease-of-use and the design aspect, while optimizing the functionality. Whether it is a new website to improve customer experience or an enhanced dashboard to support your workforce, our UX/UI solutions will help you achieve your goal.


Visual aspect and well-designed UX/UI increases the success of each project by 30%,

“Comprehensive capabilities surrounding data, design and creative as well as technical platform development, are skills that are usually scattered among various agencies,” Filip Libal, CEO at Proboston and Group Marketing Director at Adastra. “Addressing the fragmented digital offerings throughout the sector, Adastra and Proboston will offer comprehensive packages that reflect a full-service approach to digital transformation.”

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