Personalized micro campaigns

Personalized micro campaigns

Switch from traditional campaigns to more effective, customer-focused communication. Reach out to customers based on their real needs.

Focus on your customers' buying behavior, prepare customized offers for different customer segments (smaller or larger). And when you know who you have the honor with, you can personalize the offer. Addressing your customers is not enough, go one step further! Include various products, discounts, communication and design in your offer.

With an advanced analysis of your data, we'll recommend how to do it. With us, you can anticipate customer needs and reach out to well-defined customer groups with specific products at the right moment. Increase sales potential and customer satisfaction and don't let them go to the competition.

60 %

60% of consumers are interested in a personalized shopping experience with real-time offers. (Source: Accenture)

Save your clients’ time

We are experienced integrators of various campaign systems. We create lead lists, targeted campaigns, determine the appropriate timing of the campaign and choose the right offer.

Do you need to know as much as possible about your customers?

We have leading teams to integrate data from a variety of sources. We build data warehouses and big data platforms (on-premise and in the cloud), where we combine different types of data sources such as cash register systems, loyalty cards, e-shop records, web logs, payment portals, etc. This helps you find out what and which customers are purchasing, what they need and when.

Increase your customer loyalty with the right personalized offer. It's easier than trying to bring them back once they are already going to the competition.

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Personalized micro campaigns are 8 to 16 times more efficient than standard offers.

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