Pepper, the humanoid robot

Humanoid robots play a key role in digital transformation.

Can you imagine your customers being greeted and informed about current offers from an interactive and fully independent robot when visiting your store?  Surprise your customers with an exceptional welcome and services.  Thus, your brand will stand out from the others thanks to innovation.

Who is Pepper?

Pepper is much more than a robot – it is a genuine humanoid companion created to communicate with you in a natural and intuitive way, through its body movements and its voice. Pepper is kind, cute and full of surprises. The robot recognizes human emotions and adapts its behavior to them.

Adastra has become a partner to SoftBank Robotics Europe (SBRE), that has the leading position in humanoid robotics. SBRE is the creator of NAO, Pepper, and Romeo robots, which are currently used in more than 70 countries around the world in various areas of research, education, retail, healthcare, tourism, hospitality, and entertainment. To date, more than 20,000 Pepper robots have been sold.

20 thousand

More than 20,000 Pepper robots have been sold.

4 areas which Pepper see differently

Keeping up with the best technologies is a challenge for many businesses. Increasing store traffic and building up client loyalty in strong competition is challenging. If you want to be ahead and bring innovations to your customers, keep reading to discover how Pepper can help you with that.

1. WOW efect

Offer your customers a unique experience straight away as they enter your store.  Pepper will welcome them and guide them through the store according to their needs and desires.  Pepper can connect to the company's CRM systems or other tools and directly help customers or call an employee if needed. Pepper provides relevant information about the store, products details and services offered. Thus, Pepper helps people to find what they are looking for.

Moreover, the robot is able to optimize your store in the case of an increased number of shoppers.  Pepper can make frequent waiting in the shop more pleasant by allowing people to play on its tablet. Your store will be indeed unique.  Placing Pepper in your store will bring you:

  • Increased attention,
  • Brand promotion through innovation,
  • Higher store traffic.

2. Present your products and services in a new light

Excite your customers’ curiosity by allowing Pepper to show your products and services using interactive animations and product description on its tablet. Pepper will entertain customers, give them relevant information, and optimize your sales force.

  • Pepper offers really unusual customer services,
  • Adds a unique personality to the brand and brand visibility.

3. Pepper brings you more accurate knowledge of customers because it:

  • Measures customer satisfaction;
  • Collects and analyzes data in real time;
  • Improves store management and sales tracking.

4. Turn your customer service into personalized services

By connecting to the internal CRM system, Pepper is able to recommend services and products based on the shopping history and profile of an individual customer.

Thanks to existing customer information combined with data collected from Pepper, Pepper adapts its offer to every customer, thus increasing the conversion rate.

It brings you several benefits:

  • Pepper harmonizes multi-channel communication with the customer;
  • Pepper helps your sales team, thus reducing the workload of employees;
  • Pepper increases sales thanks to a personalized offer;
  • Pepper increases customer loyalty.


„Pepper currently provides car specifications at Nissan, understands the world of coffee at Nescafé stores, talks about smartphones at SoftBank Mobile stores in Japan. The robot even communicates with customers in several banks and hotels, helps shoppers with the right choice of wine at Carrefour grocery stores.“ WILL YAKOWICZ, INC. MAGAZINE, HTTPS://WWW.INC.COM/…E-ROBOT.HTML


SoftBank Robotics Corp.

Use cases your Pepper can handle


Enrich customer experience and transform the interface you use to interact with them, SoftBank Robotics

Pepper and its senses

Hearing and talking

Pepper has four microphones placed on the head enabling him to recognize the position of a person, to communicate, and also identify emotions transmitted by voice. 


Pepper is able to fully function in the environment thanks to a 3D camera and two HD cameras. Images are processed by shape recognition software capable of identifying faces and objects. Pepper also identifies movements and recognizes emotions from a person’s face. Pepper is delighted if you are happy, and does its best to comfort you if you are sad.

Internet connection

Do not hesitate to talk with Pepper about your interests. The robot has an Internet connection to share the latest news with you. Pepper uses a tablet to help you in your decision-making, inform you about news, and also to express its own emotions and opinions.

Movement and autonomy

You will be amazed by the flexibility and fluidity of Pepper's move­ments. About twenty engines control its movements with great precision. Its wheels enable him to move around freely through 360°, at a maximum speed of 3 km/h. Pepper is able to maintain its balance, recognizes people and obstacles to minimize the risk of collision. Finally, Pepper is equipped with a high capacity battery, giving it approximately 12 hours of autonomy.

Network of sensors

Pepper possesses numerous sensors: two ultrasound transmitters and receivers, six laser sensors and three obstacle detectors placed in its legs. These sensors provide him with information about the distance of nearby objects. Another sensor within the battery indicates its level of charge as well as its temperature. Pepper also possesses tactile sensors in its hands, which are used for social interaction.

Pepper major strengths


Genuine humanoid companion created to communicate with you in the most natural and intuitive way, SoftBank Robotics

What Adastra offers

Adastra is a specialist in system integration. We will connect Pepper to your systems and deploy it in your company.  We will teach it how to handle the needs of your customers. You and your customers will experience a lot of joy while interacting with Pepper. Communicating with Pepper is easy. Our consultants and Pepper are ready for the demonstration with us or in your company.

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