Proactive transport logistics management

Guide approaching trucks to the correct available loading ramp, or your customers to a free parking space.

Simplify and speed up traffic in large logistics centers, car parks, or shopping center parking lots. Arriving drivers no longer have to hang back and look for the right ramp or free space. We’ll help you efficiently navigate your suppliers and customers using smart mobile navigation.

Streamline handling – loading and unloading

How often does a new supplier come to your logistics center? Or a new truck driver who doesn’t know exactly where to go? Because of bad orientation around the space or incorrect instructions from workers, they’ll certainly delay their own deliveries and potentially others as well. Smooth supply handling is a key prerequisite for efficient logistics processes.

With our mobile navigation, which works with real-time data about the occupancy of loading ramps, we’ll quickly guide suppliers to whichever ramp is prepared to receive their cargo. Our solution allows them to use their phones to view the precise route as well as other useful information such as their exact arrival time.

3 200

The capacity of the Černý Most Center car park in Prague is 3,200 spaces. Other shopping malls also have enormous parking lots. Do your customers have no trouble finding a place to park or locating their car after they’ve been shopping?

No more wandering among hundreds of cars

A similar situation can play out in a busy shopping center parking lot, where your customers spend ages looking for a free space, thereby slowing down traffic and possibly causing an accident. Instead of shopping, they unnecessarily spend extra time driving around, which worsens customer experience and can even affect your revenue.

Our mobile navigation works with real-time data about the occupancy of parking spaces and guides customers to an available space. It doesn’t display only the precise route but also other useful information such as their estimated time of arrival, the opening hours of favorite stores, and so on. When they’ve finished shopping, customers are guided back to their parked car.

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