Identity verification using Artificial Intelligence (OCR)

Automated identity verification

Simplify and accelerate identity verification processes among your clients, avoid mistakes, and eliminate typos.

No more having to rewrite all the details from identity cards or other documents into the insurance system. With our solution for identity verification using AI, you can scan the ID or take a picture on your phone and send the details to the company systems by simply pressing a button.

90 %

Automated data transfers from scanned or photographed IDs would prevent 90% of all input errors.

Extraction of text from the image data

We can work very well with identity cards in the Slovak Republic and identification cards valid in the EU. We use Artificial Intelligence, including self-learning mechanisms. Zonky, Kamali, and Tatra Billing are just a few of the companies that depend on us.

Would you also like to simplify identity verification processes for your employees and clients while avoiding data entry mistakes? Contact us today.


Sample usage of AI for identity verification

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Juraj Ivan