Automation, digitisation, fintech

Automation, digitisation, fintech

Connect all processes, technologies and people digitally. Project complex changes into processes and technologies, and thus to your whole organisation.

The digitisation and automation of all internal and external processes will fundamentally change the functioning of healthcare institutions. Everything will use omnichannel communication and be transparent, efficient, and faster, without unnecessary paperwork. IT systems and innovative approaches such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, voice or text analysts will play a major role in transformation. Start now with our series of steps. Don't lose your clients to your competitors.

Go with the trends

Healthcare institutions have been digitising their services for several years, with a main focus on online services. However, their initiatives are lagging behind start-ups, whether it's due to lengthy approval processes or the complexity of deploying a new digital product in a healthcare institution's system.

Studies in other countries show that people trust big technology companies such as Google, Amazon and Apple, and are willing to transfer their financial lives to them. Don't let your clients go elsewhere. Start the revolution and contact Adastra. Together we combine your services with the latest technologies and move you to the level of progressive companies.

We can help you with:

  • our mobile application, for example, simplifies the drafting of contracts at Metlife.
  • our OCR system makes the client identification process much easier and faster.
  • we help healthcare institutions to attract new clients. We can also prepare similar services for the insurance industry.
  • nowadays firms have digitised parts of processes, but a completely digitised process from start to finish is the exception.  
  • the detection of fraudulent conduct using machine learning and artificial intelligence reduces the number of false positive cases and your detectives can focus on a lower number of genuine threats.
  • with us you will communicate with clients through all of your communication channels. When you know what a client needs, you can respond with services and sales through a channel according to their preference. Omnichannel tools can be used to complement and combine various communications in parallel.
  • and we continually give you new opportunities…

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