Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics

Determine client risk using Data Science and gain new knowledge from client data in near real-time.

Are you truly using large transaction volume and log data to the maximum? Do you know how to comprehensively assess risk? Are you using all risk reduction procedures? At Adastra, we know how.

Determine client risk

Do you need to know in advance the probability of premature repayment/non-payment of loans (credit scoring) or the probability of fraud (fraud detection)? With us, you won’t sign any more contracts with high-risk clients.

To determine risk, we use advanced analytics techniques from the field of Data Science and Machine Learning. Based on historical data on clients who have left, not paid or have committed fraud, you can set behaviour patterns for each and every new client, their probability of leaving, non-payment or even fraud.

We work with data that has been generated by the client’s financial behaviour and derive useful knowledge from it. And all of this in near real-time. We primarily focus on:

  • Behavioural fraud analysis (internal and external fraud detection)
  • Predictive risk modeling (risk prediction), credit scoring
  • Share of wallet

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One quarter of the more than 3 million clients of banks and other financial institutions had loan agreements open in 2018.

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Radoslav Paučo


Radoslav Paučo