Verification of identity with artificial intelligence (OCR)

Verification of identity with artificial intelligence

Simplify and accelerate the process of identity verification of your employees and customers, get rid of mistakes and typos.

No more need to copy data from ID cards or other documents into your banking systems. All you have to do is scan the ID card or take its photo using your mobile phone and the data from the document will be accurately loaded into the corporate systems at a single click.

At branches as well as remotely

From now on your personal bankers or relationship managers can merely scan the client’s ID card and all data will be automatically loaded into corporate forms, without any errors. And your staff can actually focus on the purpose of the client’s visit.

However, your client does not even have to visit the branch. Do you need to work fully digitally because you provide consumer loans on-line? Or have you made an appointment with a client outside the bank? We can even provide remote identity verification. All the client needs to do is take a photo of themselves together with their identity card using their mobile phone and send the photograph to the bank or the financial institution. Our artificial intelligence-based solution evaluates if the person holding the card in their hand is its actual owner.


90% of all input errors can be prevented by automated data conversion from scanned or photographed identity documents (OCR).


Example of identity verification using AI.

Extraction of text from image data

We are very good at working with ID cards in the Czech Republic and identification cards valid in the EU. We use artificial intelligence for this purpose, including self-learning mechanisms. Companies such as Zonky, Kamali or Tatra Billing rely on us.

Do you also want to do away with typos in birth numbers, dates of birth and names? Contact us today.

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