Big Data

Big Data

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In order to store and process large volumes of data, we build data and analytical platforms on the premises, in the cloud, or as a combination of the two, i.e. hybrid platforms.


Volumes of data are constantly increasing, so the concept and system of how to collect, store and process those data is gaining significance not only in large companies, but also for medium-sized enterprises. Data are beginning to play a key role in management decisions and in business. We at Adastra know how to extract business information from data, and how to connect, visualize and analyze them to give them added value. Our experts will take good care of your data, and will embark on undertakings with you that you have previously only dreamed of.

Big Data for large and medium-sized businesses

Today, Big Data is produced by all large and medium-sized businesses, whether they operate in the finance, telecommunications, retail, e-commerce, or manufacturing sectors. Their systems, production lines and clients all create data. They just need to be captured. They can take the form of various logs, transactions, signaling data, data from sensors, texts, images, voices or videos. Have you already thought about which data you could actually use? Whether to optimize production and processes, innovate business techniques, or communicate with clients? A company driven by data is just around the corner.  

The data and analytical platforms that Adastra designs and implements include, among other things:

  • acquiring data in batches and/or in real time;
  • storing and processing data in a useful form;
  • integrating data sources in a single place;
  • creating a hybrid Data Lake (on-premise and in the cloud);
  • transferring data from databases, data warehouses, on-premise and cloud platforms and back using Adoki;
  • starting services to process streaming data;
  • automating data transformations, creating data catalogs;
  • architectural concepts to incorporate data and analytical platforms into IT architecture;
  • monitoring and maintenance;
  • developing custom applications and thereby adding complementary functionalities, e.g. powerful and scalable applications in Scala;
  • visualization, basic and advanced analytics (Data Science);
  • spreading awareness about Big Data platforms and technologies (tailormade training and workshops)

The IDC research company predicts that a massive 163 zettabytes, or 163 trillion gigabytes of data, will exist in the digital world by 2025. How big is one zettabyte? To give you an idea, it can hold enough digital music for you to listen to for two billion years.

What do we do with the data on the platforms?


Because data can be processed relatively easily in near real time, and because we have much richer databases, we can nowadays consider Big Data a gold mine. The collection and analysis of Big Data will help you better understand not only business processes at every level of management but also customer behavior and desires.

However, some companies are not able to extract anything from this gold mine, and are instead drowning in the flood of data. The solution is closer collaboration between the IT department and business, which is indispensable for the efficient use of data platform technologies. It is necessary to clarify all the benefits that the use of richer data sources can offer the company, and where they can be applied.

The benefits of Big Data:

  • it allows you to track different situations immediately, even over a long period of time;
  • saves money;
  • it makes it possible to view different events from different perspectives (e.g., through different departments) and get a comprehensive overview;
  • it facilitates quicker and more conceptual decision-making;
  • it helps you understand the situation on the market;
  • it supports product development for market success.
1 B

Our platform for a telecommunications operator processes more than 1 billion records every day.

Example from practise - Build a platform in 3 months

We built an on-premise Big Data platform to store operational network data for a major Czech Internet provider. The goal was to deliver a solution that was not tied to a particular hardware manufacturer or type of server and that was, at the same time, an excellent basis for follow-up activities and development. In effect, a complete reporting layer can be built efficiently on top of the stored data, and information can be accessed and visualized by end users.


In 3 months, we built and put into operation a Big Data solution that makes it possible to scale computing power and easily extend disk storage according to the customer’s future needs. The platform’s initial storage capacity is close to 1PB, it handles 300 compute threads, and has 2.5TB of RAM. Real data flows are in the tens of billions every day.

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10 B

Adastra’s Big Data platform processes tens of billions of records daily.

Bank case study – Big Data increases conversions

Adastra has implemented several projects for domestic banking institutions. As a result of finding new and unexplored client information to date, the conversion has increased from 0.5% to 6-7%, i.e., twelve-fold, as the result of conversions achieved through direct mailing and call centres.

According to our estimates, the analysis of client data from social networks contributes to up to a tenth of the volume of loans provided at current levels of risk.

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