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A customer centric campaigning platform

Exponea infuses the customer experience with limitless relevance, personalization, and value and do it crazy-fast.

Exponea brings a customer-centric approach in their platform which is combined with strong data analytics and possible omni-channel orchestration of both online and offline channels. The possibility to see a customer from all the angles brings a great added value as well as higher precision in customer targeting.

Together with Exponea, we have launched several campaigning projects of different scales for our customers and have become their partner in integration of the cloud solution to the systems and services of our customers.
We do not have a bias in the solution offer. We implemented Exponea as a standalone campaign system, a complementary campaign system or even as a tool for specific use-cases (such as webtracking, real-time leads processing, etc).



The main Exponea features

  • Unified Single Customer View
  • Advanced Analytics and Segmentation
  • Personalization for all the outgoing campaigns
  • Omni‑channel Orchestration
  • Web personalization, optimization and A/B Testing

Main capabilities that are ready to be used for a better campaigning experience

A full set of modules, provided by Exponea, designed to convert your visitors into loyal customers:

  • Exponea Core - a customer data platform for cross-device customer data tracking, unification, and analytics.
  • Omni-Channel Orchestration - the right blend of channels for each individual customer and deliver relevant, consistent, and automated communication.
  • Web Optimization Platform - an ideal solution to fine tune your digital presence to perfection.
  • Product Recommendations - the latest technologies ensure the best experience.
  • Real-Time Customer Predictions - implemented predictions to your marketing stack boost all your campaigns.
  • Exponea BigQuery - Exponea BigQuery provides a flexible, secure, and scalable infrastructure to house your data in an Exponea-like structure.

Adastra componets

Adastra enriches the Exponea solution with specific high-value components and implementation accelerators enabling full-scope offering in the field of omnichannel marketing with addressing underlying data privacy concerns and migration effectiveness:
- PII data protector
- Channel integration framework
- Adastra digital content manager
- Legacy campaigning tools (SAS, UNICA, MS Dynamics, - migration framework)

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Tomáš Synek

Business development director

Tomáš Synek