Application Performance Management


Artificial Intelligence analyses your applications' performance problems

If your web app is just one second slower, the conversion rate decreases by 7%. Therefore, user experience is very important and application performance issues need to be addressed as soon as possible. Application Performance Management/Monitoring (APM) application helps in this regard. Gartner has named APM market leader eight times in a row.

Adastra is a Master Partner of Dynatrace with its local office for the Czech Republic / Slovakia.

Dynatrace: APM with artificial intelligence

Dynatrace employs artificial intelligence to evaluate application performance issues in real time and accelerate their resolution. Artificial intelligence also reveals problems you were not even aware of.

This means significantly lowering the cost of proactively solving application performance issues, improving user experience and reputation, saving costs, and allowing you to focus on your strategic business.

Dynatrace aggregates data from all levels of the application, from the user interface, through the network and server, to code level. It evaluates all users and determines the root cause of the problem. For example, artificial intelligence can send an application problem report to an external vendor as soon as it detects it. Dynatrace facilitates collaboration between departments, IT and suppliers.


Main benefits

  • Proactive support for application availability and service quality
  • Provides an end-to-end overview of your critical applications
  • Automation: minimal maintenance and configuration
  • Flexible operation in the cloud or in your infrastructure (on-premise)
  • Scalability
  • Auto-remediation
  • Minimal monitored application overhead thanks to advanced agent technology
  • IT team time savings, opportunity to focus on innovation and core business
50 %

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